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What should I be paying for logo design?

Find out what you ought to be paying for a logo and get more value for your money.

If you haven't purchased a logo design online before, you may be wondering what it costs. On one hand, you want to get value for money, but on the other hand, when is a quote price low enough to be suspicious? Read on for a quick summary of what you can expect to pay.

The overall price range for logo design

For custom logo design online, you could pay anything between $50 to $2000.

The majority of basic custom logo packages from reputable designers will cost between $150 and $300. Such packages will typically contain multiple initial logo concepts and multiple logo revisions.

Most of the designers on Logo Design Shopper can be found in the mid-priced $100-500 logo design bracket.

Getting away with spending less than $150

Spending a little less than $150 for a custom logo will typically mean working with a less established designer, or accepting fewer concepts or revisions.

If you're looking to get a logo for less than $100, you still have options. These might mean settling for a pre-made logo or putting a bit of extra work in (but you can't have everything, right?). For more details on these low cost options, check out our article about getting logo design for under $100.

What do I get for spending over $300?

Paying more - up to around $800 - will usually provide you with some combination of more concepts, more revisions, more designers working on your logo, and a better guarantee.

Higher-priced packages often also contain custom-designed stationery and business cards.

The five-star logo packages online start from around $1500. At this price level, you can expect the personalized care of a design professional. Services like this are more similar to the logo design work that has traditionally been within the realm of creative agencies.

Most online logo designers will expect a brief from you, and then they will deliver initial concepts within a few days. A high-end designer will discuss your business plans and brand identity. The designer will help you crystalize what impression your brand is trying to make. Then he or she will craft logo concepts that carry those messages.

We only recommend a few high-end designers in the premium-priced $500+ logo design bracket.

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