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Helpful resources for anyone needing a logo.

Getting a good company logo shouldn't be a pain. On this page you can find some short and easy to understand guides that will help you get the logo you want.

Essential logo design terms for the first-time buyer

Learn the essential terms you need to compare different logo designers in this one-minute crib sheet.

What should I expect from a logo design guarantee?

Don't get burnt by the small print. Read on to find out why not all logo design "guarantees" are created equal.

What should I be paying for logo design?

Find out what you ought to be paying for a logo and get more value for your money.

Checklist for a good company logo

A handy list of five must-have factors for any good company logo.

The three traps that will doom your logo design

Avoid these three common errors and you're already half-way to a great company logo.

Logo design for under $100

Four logo design options for entrepreneurs whose ambition is bigger than their budget.

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